People and Strategy

Looking at food products - strategy

Your business is all about 

People, Place and Product. 

But how often do you really look to see

 if they are balanced?

Are they all in line with your company culture? Do you have one?

Let us help you and your team find your company values, delve deep into the heart of your business and help you create a strategy to deliver it throughout the organisation, setting goals to achieve success, deliver them and start growing.

Operational Toolbox

Restaurant service in action - operational tools

  Our services offer practical assessment of the issues and challenges your business is facing and based on your individual needs we can advise, develop and deliver anything to assist operationally from; new systems, documentation, training or mentoring.

Learning & Development Training 

Project Management | Team Mentoring 

Due Diligence Methodology

H&S | Food Hygiene

Industry Software Research and Recommendation 

Marketing planning and training

Camera taking photo of product - marketing

We don’t plan on delivering your daily social media but  in the role of restaurant consultant we are offering to help you create a marketing strategy that will identify your social needs; who in your team can deliver it and train, monitor and inspire them. Let us provide the blueprints for your marketing needs.

After decades on the frontline with staff and guest centric experience we have the resources to make your business stronger by talent harnessing, maximising the potentials of your team and increasing your visibility 

How we do it

Our approach enables us to provide a comprehensive set of development related services that are geared to the differing needs of each client, their vision and their requirements.

One Off 

Clinics | Workshops | Planning Sessions | Feasibility Studies | Value Sessions      

Short-Term or Long-Term  

Mentoring | Interim Project Management | Team Development Strategy & Planning | Marketing Planning & Management | H&S Audit & Planning